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Sevilla Arabic Bath House

Last night I went to Air Sevilla, an Arabic bathhouse, because I wanted to relax and get a massage. The experience was great and just what I needed. I paid 50 euros for a 30-minute massage and two hour slot for the various baths. I wore my swimsuit there to minimize the changing process. I arrived 15 minutes early and was told to go upstairs and wait for someone to come get me. They give you plastic bags to put over your feet before you enter the locker room. I go in the locker room to change and a woman is their guiding folks to the lockers and then to the showers. Everyone must shower before entering the bath area. A group of us were then taken down the bath area and given instructions on how to spend the next two hours. The bath area is co-ed, so we join the men for the instructions. There are five baths (hot, warm, cold, salt and one with jets) and a steam room. They tell you to spend as much time as your want in each, but they encourage about 10-15 minutes in each with an ideal order of warm, hot, cold, salt or something like that. I couldn’t remember the order so I just spent as much time as I wanted in each minus the cold bath. I made two attempts to get in it, but I only made it to my waste. I like each of the other baths a lot, but wanted to spend as much time in the steam room as possible, so I went in before and after my massage. I needed the steam room for my skin because my face has been drying out significantly from this sun.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience and would definitely go back. I liked that most of the pools were connected and didn’t mind the other people. Each pool was big enough to still enjoy the experience alone. I highly recommended this experience!

Location: Sevilla, Spain


Sevilla, Spain

Today was a good day. I’m in Sevilla and loving it! I had a great night’s sleep and woke up around noon. I finished watching the movie I started last night, got dressed and left around 2pm for my afternoon in the city. I immediately went to find something to eat since the afternoon siesta will be in effect around 4pm and food options are limited until dinnertime, which is around 9pm.

Lunch is the best deal here where you can get the “menu del dia” which includes a first and second course dish with a drinks, bread and coffee or dessert for 8-10 euros.

I’m pretty oriented with the city now so I don’t have to wander around staring at a map like I did yesterday. I walked for a bit looking at different menus and found a place on a small, side street. I got a mixed salad and grilled calamari. Vegetables are kind of hard to come by so I try to get a salad when I can. Plus I must gear up for my two hour Arabic bathhouse experience tonight.